KC Marc


Caruso Marco (Feb 1981) aka KC Marc is an Italian DJ, producer, songwriter and pianist.
He starts to make music at the age of 14, attracted to electronic music recording bedroom demos since 1995; at the age of 17 he began to learn piano which she led him to start a career in jazz playing live around Italian clubs.
His first studio work is "Into my Wonderland EP" released in 2016 with the collaboration of singer "Sarah D'innocenti" for the Ematrade production label.

His music is influenced by EDM and POP genre, realized with keyboards, guitar, piano, bass, synthesiser sampler and sequencer.







Sarah D'Innocenti


Sarah is a singer and songwriter. She was born on 30th July 1986 in Rome and began to study singing at the age of 15 facing different music genres. With the vocal trio Marymorgan reached the "butcamp" phase of the first Xfactor Italy edition selections. In 2015 she moved to Milan












Alessandra Parvis


Songwriter and vocalist, Alessandra was born in 1983 in Milan and at the age of twenty she used to play with literature and music, writing two unpublished fantasy stories and writing songs in English. She learnt modern sing for three years. In KC Marc project she also contributes to the creation of storyboards of the video-clips.








TMV is an electronic music project started by Emanuele La Loggia in ninenties, is based on use of vintage retro computers like Commodore Amiga with tracker sequencer Octamed for making music and mixing video effects live on stage. We are working to restart this project for 2017 adding new retro machine like Commodore 64 with a lot of music interfaces. A new video will be available on YouTube





  Matteo, a new talent guitar alternative rock artist that join our group




more artists soon....