About us




Started in 2016 by Emanuele La Loggia, Ematrade Records is a part of Ematrade information technology group founded in 2001 in Milano, Italy.


Focused on develop high quality products from music to multimedia, from video  to short  movie.


Emanuele is art graduated at Accademia di Brera in Milan, in Digital and Performing arts with maximum lode. with a project that trasform a Theremin instrument in an emotional art sensor.


He have multi year experience in art project and game art events in Italy. He invented and created sounds for Live Touch XJ Android App that is downloaded free times 250,000 worldwide. http://www.livetouchxj.com


His music is influenced by EDM and '80 POP genre, specially finnish and scandinavian pop rock music groups of years 2000. He is the producer and marketing manager of KC Marc project by Marco Caruso for worldwide distribuitiion.


Ematrade is